Sanitary Valves

Sanitary valves are designed to meet the stringent demands of today’s state-of-the-art Life Science facilities. Polished, stainless steel body and trim components ensure efficient cleaning and sanitizing giving you confidence that your processing environment produces the highest purity.

Fisher® Baumann™ 83000

Fisher Baumann 83000Baumann 8300 sanitary control valves offer a compact and light-weight design reducing installed piping costs.

Fisher® Baumann™ 85000

Fisher Bauman 85000Baumann 85000 sanitary pinch valves  are intended for use with up to 3/4 inch O.D. pharmaceutical grade tubing.

Fisher® Baumann™ 89000

Fisher Baumann89000Baumann 89000 sanitary control valve with high lift metal plug suitable for the Life Science and Food and Beverage Industries

Fisher® Baumann™ 84000

Fisher Bauman 84000Baumann 84000 sanitary control valves are designed to satisfy the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Fisher® Baumann™ 87000

Fisher Bauman 87000Baumann 87000 sanitary control valves are excellent for throttling high purity liquid or gaseous media.