okazaki thermocouple

Flame Proof Nipple

The nipple type temperature sensor is the active product as Flame-proof or Explosion-proof combining with the terminal box or the temperature transmitter which is certified. It is possible combining with the product which is certified with ATEX or UL.

flame proof nipple

  • Type Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor for Multipoint Measurement of Petrochemical & LNG Plant

temperature sensor for multipoint measurement

Our corporation is used for petrochemistry and the LNG plant, large number it produces the temperature sensors for multi point measurement, is shipping in the world. As for the photograph to the left, with the temperature sensor which is used for the Japanese domestic large-sized low temperature LNG tank, as for share in the Japanese country almost it is 100%.

Vacuum Hot Plate (Heater) for Semiconductor

vacuum hot plate for semiconductor



EROPAK Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

The structure of AEROPAK is a thin tube (sheath) made of stainless steel or heat-resistant steel, a thermocouple element enclosed within the tube, and magnesium oxide of an inorganic insulator firmly packed around the element.



    1. Wider Application Range
    2. High Response
    3. Easier Handling
    4. Longer Product Life
    5. Mechnical Strength / Pressure Resistance
    6. Sheath Outer Diameter Manufacturing Available
    7. Sheath Length Manufacturing Available
    8. Special Needs Handling

Protection Tube Type Thermocouples/Coated Thermocouples

Protection Tube Type Thermocouples/Coated Thermocouples They are conventional thermocouples whose structure is to protect the elements of thermocouples from the atmosphere of measuring targets. Currently, sheathed thermocouples are more widespread than protection tube type thermocouples; however, for platinum based noble metal thermocouples, the protection tube type is more widespread than the sheathed type since with the sheathed type, manufacturing is difficult, and there is a limitation on costs.

protection tube type thermocouple


  1. Thermocouple Elements
  2. Protection Tubes
  3. Terminal Boxes and Terminal Plates
  4. Insulators
  5. Mounting Bracket