Remote Control System for Cargo and Ballast Line

Butterfly Valve, Valve Remote Control System and Level Gauging System)

Fuel Oil Heating System

By occurred pressure in pump room, Cargo (Crude oil, LPG, LNG and etc.) or Ballast water (loaded sea water to keep stability of the unloaded vessel) are loaded / unloaded in pipe line. Quantity of the load is controlled by operation of butterfly valve.

Butterfly valves are operated by hydraulic pressure which is raised by Hyd. power unit. Hydraulic pressure is controlled by open/shut of Solenoid valve which are located in hyd. oil line.

Open/shut of Solenoid valves are operated by electric signal from control panel. Judging from level gauging system for Cargo / Ballast tank, quantity of the load is checked and controlled by Control panel.

Fuel Oil Heating System