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BOMBAS IDEAL S.A. started manufacturing pumps in 1902. Since then we have always used state-of-the-art technology in our designing and manufacturing processes, thus obtaining optimum results.

Our new factory in Massalfassar (Valencia) uses the latest CAD-CAM tools to develop a wide range of pumps and pumping solutions such as: vertical pumps, horizontal pumps, sewage pumps, submersible pumps, fire pumps, pressure booster pumps, etc.

Our new test bench, designed by the Hydraulics Department of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and built in 1997, with a water storage capacity of 266,000 liters is worthy of mention.

End Suctions Pumps

end suctions pumps series rn rni

Series RN, RNI

Slit case Puumps CP-CP V

These pumps have a large range of applications in industry, mining, fire-fighting, municipal water supply, boiler feed water etc.

end suctions pumps

Multicelular Pumps Serie AP

These pumps have a very range of applications uses in almost every area of use. The back-pull out design (up to 350mm) make for compact installations and simple maintenance.

Uses include general industry, agricultural, cooling and air-conditioning, domestic and municipal water supplies etc. RN - RNI.

end suctions slit case pums cp cp v

Slit Case Pumps Series CP-CP V

The robust design and simplicity of maintenance make these pumps ideal for heavy duty applications, e.g. industry, mining, agriculture, municiple water supply etc.


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089-2002825 Simaluck, 081-7251288 Piviyada

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