Fiberglass Pump

Fiberglass Pumps

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Argal Fiber Glass Pumps

Saturn Range


The Argal pumps of the new range Saturn are centrifugal, single stage and comply to ANSI/ASME B73.1. Regulation.

Tough pumps for heavy duty applications
Manufactured in FRP (fibre reinforced polyester) do not need an external protecting carcass to reinforce the structure. Design and the intrinsic resistance of FRP confer to these pumps the mechanical resistance of pumps constructed in most of the metallic alloys.

Chemical resistance

Construction available with different blends of epoxy vinyl ester makes these pumps resistant to a broad range of corrosive and/or moderately abrasive chemical agents of large and common use and to sea water.

IDEAL solution to several applications

Saturn pumps are the technical and economical alternative to metallic pumps made of special alloys and can be effectively applied in water treatment applications, sea water games, depuration of civil and industrial waste waters, and in general in productive processes deploying chemical liquid

Chemical resistance

Manufactureing process

Saturn pumps are integrally produced by Argal in its plant located in Italy by RTM injection moulding technology.

By this process parts are manufactured laying in moulds layers of continuous strand glass fibre matt prior to injecting the resin. The use of matt of glass fibres of different weight, texture and orientation reinforces the structure of the pump in the most mechanically solicited areas and at same time offers high surface finish and excellent chemical resistance of the surfaces wetted by the liquid pumped.

Thermosetting resins, are not re processed once catalyzed and for this reason deliver better mechanical properties, thermal and dimensional stability and longer life cycle than thermoplastics materials.


Pumps SATURN are available in two version:

  • ZGS, normalized, with bearings housing and flexible spacer coupling
  • ZMS, close coupled that is more compact and economical than ZGS

Saturn Process